Air-air heatpumps

heat pump airflow

The warm air spreads around the house if the doors are open.

heat pump remote control

If the unit is run at night saver electricity you save up to 10 times the cost compared to running a fan heater in the daytime.

We can not keep quiet about this fantastic energy-saver any longer. Put in one unit of electricity and get up to five times as much output in the form of heat – hard to believe, but true.

Works on the same principle as "Geothermal heating”, but quick and easy to install. No digging up the garden and no drilling in the ground. It simply uses the exterior air.

Ideal for the relatively mild Irish winters. Tens of thousands of these air-air heatpumps are installed in Sweden where the climate is much colder!

Ideally suited to replace energy thirsty storage heaters in homes, offices, shops, workshops. Simple installation with a box on the outside containing the compressor, two pipes to the inside unit that blows the heat around the interior.

COP  (Coefficient Of Performance) is a measure of the relation between energy input (how much electricity it use) and the amount of heat it produces. The higher value – the better.

Scandinavian Heat-pumps by Panasonic are adapted to work well in the cold Nordic climate. Higher insulation levels in the external part, an extra defrost element and a programming cycle suited to damp and cold climates.

In the summer the unit can be used for cooling. If the unit is installed on the ground floor it can heat the upstairs because warm air will rise – but it can not cool the upstairs because cold air will sink.

. The basic 5.0kW unit gives 4.6 times the amount of input (COP 4.59)

. The flagship 6.5kW unit gives 5.5 times the amount of input (COP 5.52)

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